After sleeping a cumulative two hours on our overnight flight, we were in serious need of some coffee. Luckily with our backpacks, neck pillows, and suitcases we blended seamlessly in to the chic Madrileños on the street. Ha. We found a cute outdoor cafe where I had my first cafe con leche (above)! It’s different from an American coffee because it is an espresso shot mixed with an equal part of steamed milk (typically whole cow’s milk). The waiter poured the steamed milk into our cups of espresso right at our table. It was bold, creamy, delicious, and seriously revived me.

Later that night we went to the supermarket for a few things (el supermercado!). It was tiny, and at this point I’m not sure if that is the normal size or I’m just used to everything being SO big in America haha. I found it interesting that when buying any produce, you have to bag, weigh, and print a price label for it yourself – I’ve only seen this with the bulk bin section of grocery stores. Definitely saves time at the check-out. When we did check-out, we had to pay for the two plastic bags we needed. HECK YES, I love that Madrid clearly values recycling grocery bags. Something we definitely need the entire US to get on board with.

Since we were so exhausted from essentially being awake for two days straight, we didn’t feel like cooking… so dinner ended up being brie and jam on bread. No complaints there. Cheers to Europe!




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