Kitchen Experimentation

For the first two weeks here we are staying at an AirBnB and our host has what is essentially a kitchenette. There’s a refrigerator and freezer, a stovetop with two burners, and a microwave. That’s it. No oven. No toaster. No toaster oven. No cutting boards, measuring cups, colanders, slotted spoons, no blender, food processor, coffee machine (</3!), you get the picture. There is however, a washing machine. Because who doesn’t want to bring their smelly socks into the same room as their dinner.

This kitchenette life, by the way, is actually very common as we’ve discovered after looking at multiple other flats. I don’t know how people LIVE like this!  Definitely makes me miss the days of my dietetic internship, when I lived with two other future dietitians (miss yous Zilly & Carol!), had an enormous kitchen and tons of fun cooking gadgets PLUS access to the internship supplies and the kitchens of our 13 other intern friends. So, definitely downsized a touch.


Our first challenge was figuring out how to turn on the stovetop. It looked so strange that at first I was convinced it was an induction stove (and was excited that I’d get to use one – nerdy RD moment), but after using it and realizing the surface does indeed get hot, I guess it’s plain old electric. We pressed all the “buttons” and nothing happened; those stylish hieroglyphics don’t really help ya out much. Like many things in life, we learned by trial & error and eventually got it cranking.

Perhaps a more important question than turning it on, is turning it off. Ha. More T&E led to flashing H’s on the display… what does that stand for? Hot? Maybe, if the stove was manufactured by an English-speaking company… A text from our host says that means it’s off. She doesn’t know what it stands for either. Alright, cool!  Success.

Side note: the microwave also has a “grill” setting (? lol) but that did nothing for the bread I watched spin around in there for a bit.  Interesting.   Into the pan it went with some olive oil and in a few minutes we had Spanish toast 😉


So we made eggs and toast. #Basic . Since then we’ve haphazardly accomplished some other basics – pasta dishes, bean dishes (special thanks to Google Translate for help on deciphering the cooking instructions on the packaged food). There will undoubtedly be more cooking experiments as we bounce around between different living situations, so I’ll post about any other fun adventures in the kitchen.

While I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats here reading about eggs and toast and trial and error, I DO have a more exciting post coming up for y’all: TAPAS! Spain is famous for them, and I’m obsessed. We’ve been on two tapas tours and out on our own for them once too so I’ll fill you in on all I’ve discovered and tasted!

Hasta la próxima!


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