My First Time Eating… Taco Bell

Yes, I ate at Taco Bell. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I came all the way to Spain for its world-renowned gastronomy, started this blog about it, and am writing about freaking Taco Bell. I know. But hey, at least you know I’m honest! This was the first time I had ever eaten at Taco Bell (so technically I’m still trying new things 😛 !) and honestly it will probably be the last. Long story short, our AirBnB host offered to treat Danielle and I to lunch there after an afternoon of shopping on Grand Via and we accepted because WE ON A BUDGET. A very tight one. So if there is such a thing as free lunch, we’re not gunna turn it down.

Anyway, I’m going to focus on what I actually liked about it – the drink situation 😛 . First of all, the cup size that came with our meal looked to be between 10-12 oz. which, after ice, holds less. Definitely a huge difference from the States, where “small” drinks are often at least 16 oz…. and also not usually ordered. The next thing I noticed is that because we were dining in, they did not give us a lid or a straw – one of many examples I’ve noticed of Spain prioritizing cutting down on plastic waste (see my comment on grocery bags in this post). I love it!  Lastly, other drink choices available included MOJITOS and MARGARITAS. That’s right, alcohol in Taco Bell. Every 21-year-old American kid’s dream. In fact, most fast food places in Spain offer alcoholic beverages. So if you’re into that kinda thing, you can grab a beer with your Whopper at Burger King. Pretty funny concept as an American. Speaking of which, I should also mention we ate around 2:30 in the afternoon – during their lunch rush.

[ I’m sure you’re all wondering. I got a Crunchwrap Supreme and French fries. And an iced tea. I may be a dietitian but I’m also a human 🙂  ]


Anyone else have interesting fast food experiences abroad?! Leave a comment!


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