Thanks for checking out my little blog 🙂 ! I’m Katie, I’m from New York, and I am a newly credentialed Registered Dietitian [RD] ready to take over the world! (See superlative in picture). Kidding. But I AM planning on taking Spain by storm!

I am currently living in Madrid working as an auxiliar de conversacion (literally: conversation assistant) in a primary school 🙂  So essentially I’m working a fun, super low-stress part-time job and spending the rest of my time here traveling throughout Europe and Spain, indulging in authentic regional food and drink, and learning lots about Spanish food culture! 😀 So come along on the journey!

ÂĄHasta luego!

PS. For a more detailed explanation of what brought me here, see this post!

*** UPDATE : I returned to the homeland in May 2017! Thanks for following along! ***